Sensual Kitchen

Squirming among the grains of paradise, lost in the mystical feeling of a soft blanch, just enough to feel the pulpy softness of breast. Sautéing the flesh in the rarest of saffron, colored in red and the gold of turmeric, rich in thoughts and desires. A spiritual sensation, a sensual kitchen, where heat of anise…

The Heart of Home

Fire warms the stove, warms the kitchen, warms the home. Elements of the past forever necessary in our present, your future. The heart of home, of sustenance, of time.

Daughters of Time

Stones gathered on chiseled limestone counting souls who have gone before me. Coins on headstones, flags on tall poles, but not so tall as the mighty sycamores. The cool brisk air broken by a warm cup of tea to sip from. Pouch of lavender takes me back in time to wood floors, dirt floors, glass…


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